Filtration Solutions
Gearbox - Hydraulic Reservoirs

Affordable kidney-loop filtration designed for gearbox and small hydraulic reservoirs.

Introducing the FL1000

The FL-1000 is designed to provide filtration for small volume gearbox and small hydraulic reservoirs 0-100 gals. While many large hydraulic systems have filtration, many gearboxes and small hydraulic units are frequently overlooked. FL1000-Kidney Loop filtration on gearboxes and reservoirs can provide the same benefits and life cycle extension as larger system filtration; reducing costly equipment rebuilds and downtime.

Where can the FL-1000 be used?

Almost any industry where small volume gearboxes and 0-100 gal hydraulic reservoirs are used; pulp and paper, metal working, mining, general manufacturing, marine applications and more.


Simple, affordable design.

DC Low-power consumption.

FL-1000 Kidney Loop filtration on small volume gearboxes and reservoirs can provide the same benefits and life cycle extension as large system filtration; reduce costly equipment rebuilds and downtime. 

See Case Study/Cost Benefit Analysis below under News Articles and Publications.


Simplicity & ease of use.

Compact size with miniature DC pump/motor; eliminating the need for a large “filter cart”.

Ability to vary the pump speed and psi depending on the application.  Other Kidney Loop systems may require “sizing” of the pump to the application.

Flow rates of 0.03-0.67/gpm (1.8-40/gph); ideal for small systems with gearbox or hydraulic reservoirs 0-100 gals (actual flow rates depend on filter selection, psi, viscosity and temperature of the oil.  Flow rates for Depth filters will be on the lower end of the range).

Stainless Steel brushless/rotor-less motor/pump greatly extending service life due to fewer moving parts.

Magnetically driven pump which eliminates a drive shaft; providing a leak free smooth and pulsation free flow.

24V power supply that can be plugged into any standard 120V wall outlet.

Automatic overload protection.


FL-1000 can be wall or machine mounted, or with an optional Hand-Carry stand, may be moved from one machine to the next.  Quick Disconnect fittings available for quick change over.

Utilize factory supplied filters – or the customers own filter of choice up to 5 in. in diameter.

Filter selections for both dirt and water removal.

Can be run during machine operation, or when equipment is resting or idle.

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